Swim Lessons

The Y is America’s leading swim instructor. Ys have been teaching people to swim for more than a century. Our programs include parent/toddler introductory programs, preschool and youth progressive swim lessons, youth swim team, master swim team, lap swimming and family fun!

Parent-Child (6 months-3 years)

Babies and toddlers adjust to the pool, while in their parents' arms. Classes consist of songs, games, blowing bubbles, kicking, moving arms and playing with toys. Other skills are learned as the child is ready.

Pre-school (3-5 years)

As the child's first introduction to the pool on their own, the four levels of lessons introduce them to safe pool behavior, basic movements and skills, and breath control.

Youth (6-11 years)

The goal of the our Youth Swim Program is to develop the whole person - physically, mentally and spiritually. Each level builds upon the preceding level, with seven levels covering all the strokes, diving fundamentals, and safety skills.

Teen and Adult (12 & up)

Lessons for teens and adults encourage self-confidence and skill development. Participants learn basic skills such as floating, breath control, efficient kick and arm movements and set attainable, individualized goals.


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